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Content Writers Wanted

The House & Homestead is currently looking for content writers for our blog and magazine! Writers must have experience with and/or a strong interest in and knowledge of the topics we cover on our site, as well as a strong background in writing and preferably photography too. 

We only accept original work that is ready for publishing. This means all written work and photography must be your own and writing must be edited, polished and ready for publishing when it is turned in. We retain the right to refuse writing that is unclear, full of spelling and/or grammar mistakes, offensive or inflammatory content or is simply off-topic or not a good fit for our site.

Here are some topics we are currently looking for writers on:

  • Modern homesteading & self-sufficiency (Preparedness, frugal living, simple living, living off-grid, etc.)
  • Organic gardening 
  • Real food recipes (All recipes must be made from scratch. No processed ingredients!) 
  • Preserving recipes (We only accept canning and preserving recipes that follow current safety guidelines. Unsure if your recipe fits the current safety standards? Visit the National Centre for Home Food Preservation’s website to learn more).
  • Natural DIY recipes for home & body
  • Home remedies and herbal medicine 
  • Essential oils posts, recipes & blends (The House & Homestead exclusively promotes Plant Therapy Essential Oils. We may accept general posts about essential oils long as they follow general safe use guidelines, including diluting for topical use and refraining from internal use).

If you’re interested in writing for us, please email me and introduce yourself! Please also pitch us 3 ideas for topics you would like to write about and we can discuss which wold be the best fit.

If you have a blog of your own, please include a link so we can check out your work! We’re always open to cross-promoting and collaborating with other passionate bloggers in our field:)

Sponsored Posts Now Offered & Accepted

We here at The House & Homestead have spent the past two years building up a loyal following of readers who trust our judgment on products we recommend, because they know we will only recommend the best!

We are now accepting inquiries for sponsored posts for both physical and digital products in our field of focus and expertise. 

If you have a product that you feel would be of use to our readers and a good fit for our site or our magazine, please contact and let’s talk!

Collaborations, Interviews & Special Projects

If you have a project you’d like to collaborate on, such as an online summit, workshop, course, book, magazine, resource bundle, podcast, etc… 

Please contact and tell me about it! I’m always interested in collaborating with others in my field and believe that two heads are better than one;) 

For any other business inquiries, once again please email and I’ll do my best to respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your interest in working with me!

Wishing you homemade, homegrown, homestead happiness 🙂

– Anna

Came into the living room to find this...⁣

I mean, who doesn’t like cozying up by the fire on a cool, grey day in quarantine?
#fireside #homelife #stayhome #cozy #grateful

🥬 Victory gardens first became popular during WW1 and WW2 when citizens were asked to grow gardens at home to feed themselves so that commercially grown food could be sent to troops and allies fighting overseas.⁣

Today the victory garden is seeing a resurgence as more and more people are realizing the importance of securing their own food source as we’ve already begun to face supply chain interruptions and empty grocery store shelves thanks to the current pandemic that shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.⁣

So, what’s the difference between a regular home garden and a victory garden? It’s all in the crops you plant and planning your garden for maximum food production.⁣

Click the link in my bio @thehouseandhomestead or go to to learn about planning your victory garden and the top 10 crops everyone should be planting at home right now.
#victorygarden #victorygardens #victorygardening #survivalgarden #survivalgardening #organicgardening #growfoodnotlawns #homegrownfood #foodsecurity #selfreliance #homesteading

I’ve never been happier to have learned how to can and preserve food than I am right now.⁣

Knowing how to can my own food not only means that I and my family are more self-sufficient and can preserve the fruits and vegetables we grow right in our own home garden, but it means that we can free up resources at the grocery store for other people at this time.⁣

When I went to the store to do our final stock up last week, I debated buying pasta sauce. But I knew I still had 9 bags of frozen tomatoes from our garden last year that I could turn into sauce, so I left what was on the shelves for other people who need it more than we do.⁣

If you’ve never canned food at home before, there’s truly never been a better time to learn. You’re at home isolating anyway, why not pick up a useful new skill while you’re at it? ⁣

Even if you don’t grow your own food, knowing how to preserve it means you can buy the fresh stuff that no one else is buying, or preserve seasonal produce from farmers in your area if there are supply chain issues down the road.⁣

If you’re ready to learn this invaluable life skill, click the link in my bio and check out my beginner’s guide to water bath canning, or go to to learn more.⁣
#lifeskills #canning #preserving #homecanning #selfsufficiency #selfreliance #homesteading #foodsecurity #homesteading #coronavirus #covid19

Irony: Community has never been so important as it is now, in a time when we are all being asked to isolate ourselves from each other.⁣

Yesterday our neighbours invited us over to help them butcher a pig. We kept a safe social distance of course, but my husband helped butcher and I helped pack, and we filled their freezer. As a thank you, they sent us home with a gift box full of meat.⁣

We also get duck eggs from them, and we trade them veggies and seedlings and, um, medicinal herbs;)⁣

During a time like this when our borders are all being closed and our grocery stores are empty and even rationing basic supplies, it’s becoming more important than ever to work together in our individual communities and neighbourhoods. ⁣

We need to support each other, even if we have to stay at least a metre away from each other. And perhaps most importantly right now, we need to work together to ensure our local food supply and to become more self-reliant, not only as individuals but as communities too.⁣

Irony: I wrote a post about this topic a few months ago when we all still lived in the land of milk and honey. But it’s more relevant now than ever. I highly encourage everyone to read it and think about how you can support self-reliance in your own communities at this time.⁣

Click the link in my bio @thehouseandhomestead or go to to read more.⁣

We are SO lucky to live in an area where food security and self-reliance are so important to so many members of our community. And we’re even luckier to have neighbours who live by these same values❤️⁣
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You know you’ve arrived as a homesteader when...
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