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The House & Homestead | Anna Sakawsky

Hi there!

I’m Anna, and I’m a city girl turned  modern homesteader who’s passionate about growing, cooking and preserving real food at home, creating my own herbal medicine and all-natural home and body care products, and working toward a simpler, more sustainable, more self-sufficient life each and every day. And I’m equally passionate about helping others do the same!

I live with my family (human, furry and feathered) on ¼-acre property on Vancouver Island. Here we produce and preserve hundreds of pounds of our own food each year and strive to live a more self-reliant lifestyle through all that we do.

I’m also the creator of this blog –The House & Homestead– as well as the editor and publisher of Modern Homesteading Magazine, a digital magazine dedicated to all things homesteading, sustainability, self-sufficiency and simple, seasonal living.

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