One-Minute Homemade Mayo

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This homemade mayo uses real, whole, simple ingredients and takes just one minute to make from scratch. You'll never buy mayonnaise from the store again. #homemademayo #homemademayonnaise #mayonnaiserecipe #healthymayorecipeThis homemade mayo recipe is made with real, whole, simple ingredients and can be whipped up in just a minute or less. It’s so quick and easy, I seriously can’t believe it took me almost 30 years to try making it myself, from scratch!

But it’s like that with so many everyday items. We’ve become so accustomed to buying everything pre-made from the store that we rarely stop to think about the individual ingredients that are in some of our most basic kitchen staples.

Mayo is, after all, just egg, oil and a little bit of lemon juice (or at least it should be). Basic beyond belief! But if you don’t know that, you could easily go through life assuming that mayo comes only from a jar on the grocery store shelf, (and paying a premium for the “convenience”)!

But the fact is, homemade mayo is really no less convenient than its store-bought counterpart. In fact, it might even be MORE convenient! Because this homemade mayo uses ingredients you probably already have on hand  and can be made in much less time than it takes to go to the grocery store. Plus, it’s way healthier.

What’s In Mayonnaise?

The basic recipe for mayonnaise is just oil, an egg, a little bit of lemon juice and usually a little mustard for flavour. But some store-bought mayonnaise has all sorts of bad-for-you ingredients like added sugar, salt, preservatives and less-than-healthy, highly processed vegetable oils. Making your own means you have total control over what goes into (and doesn’t go into) your homemade mayo. 

This homemade mayo uses real, whole, simple ingredients and takes just one minute to make from scratch. You'll never buy mayonnaise from the store again. #homemademayo #homemademayonnaise #mayonnaiserecipe #healthymayorecipe

Oh, and did I mention it’s super frugal to make? I make my mayo with avocado oil, and when you compare the cost of buying avocado oil-based mayonnaise from the store versus making it at home scratch, it’s no surprise you can easily save a few bucks by making it yourself. 

As for the avocado oil, it has the best flavour of all the “healthy” oils I’ve tried. Olive oil (extra virgin in particular) gives this mayo a bitter taste and I’ve done a lot more research since first writing this post two years ago when I recommended canola or vegetable oil as an alternative. I would no longer recommend either as they are highly chemically processed (instead of cold-pressed) and are often made from GMO crops. No thank you.

The avocado oil I use is cold-pressed and non-GMO certified. And it makes for a tasty homemade mayonnaise. Winning.

Scratch Mayonnaise Off Your Shopping List

This recipe for the homemade version is so simple anyone can make it. You most likely have everything you need already in your kitchen, so get cracking with the following ingredients and enjoy fresh, frugal homemade mayo on your next burger or sandwich. (Or if you’re doing the Keto diet like me, smother it on some cauliflower or broccoli and bake it with cheese. Mmmm… (Don’t judge. It’s delicious. And if you’re following a low-carb diet, it’s actually healthy!)

And if you don’t use all the mayo you’ve made, store it in the fridge for up to two weeks. Easy, peasy, a little bit of lemon squeezy.

How to Make Homemade Mayo

You’ll need:

1 egg (whole, raw)

1 cup of avocado oil

1/2 lemon, juiced (or one Tbsp. bottled lemon juice)

1 tsp Dijon mustard

Pinch of salt

*Note: I use an immersion blender to mix up this mayo, but you could also whip your mayo with a manual whisk, a hand blender or in the mixing bowl of a Kitchenmaid stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. If you use an immersion blender, make sure you mix in a container with high sides as your mayo will “rise up” as you blend it. You can use a wide-mouth Mason jar, but check to see that your immersion blender fits inside first. If it doesn’t, use a tall, narrow container and then transfer to a Mason jar to store.

This homemade mayo uses real, whole, simple ingredients and takes just one minute to make from scratch. You'll never buy mayonnaise from the store again. #homemademayo #homemademayonnaise #mayonnaiserecipe #healthymayorecipe

 To make the mayo, all you need to do is crack the egg into the jar or container you’re using (or mixing bowl if you’re whisking), and then add the rest of the ingredients. Stick your immersion blender in right to the bottom and blend.

*If whipping your mixture, add the egg, mustard, lemon juice and salt first and then drizzle the avocado oil in slowly.

This homemade mayo uses real, whole, simple ingredients and takes just one minute to make from scratch. You'll never buy mayonnaise from the store again. #homemademayo #homemademayonnaise #mayonnaiserecipe #healthymayorecipe

After a few seconds you’ll start to see the mixture beginning to transform into a thick, white substance just like store-bought mayo. Keep blending until everything is well-combined and your mixture has completely thickened. Transfer to a Mason jar and store in the fridge for up to two or three weeks. 

 Voilà! You’ve got mayo;) 








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