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What is Modern Homesteading Magazine? (And who is it for??)

Modern Homesteading Magazine is a digital publication that showcases exclusive content on topics ranging from farming and gardening to cooking and preserving, herbal medicine and natural living to self-sufficiency, sustainability, seasonal living and more!

Whether you live in the city and grow a few herbs on your balcony, have a few backyard chickens in the suburbs or live in the country and have a larder full of enough home-canned food to survive the apocalypse –or even if you’re still just dreaming of all of these things!– if living a more homemade, homegrown, self-sufficient lifestyle is important to you, Modern Homesteading Magazine was made for you!

In this issue:

  • Inspiration and ideas to help you make the most of summer on the homestead
  • 15+ recipes and step-by-step instructions to help you preserve and enjoy the summer harvest
  • The ultimate guide to growing and preserving tomatoes, from seed to pantry
  • Expert advice from The Grow Network’s Marjory Wildcraft on what steps you can take now to prepare for a global food crisis
  • Resourcefulness 101: A guide to using scrap materials
  • All about edible landscaping & growing for both food and beauty