Learn how to grow your own garlic at home for food and medicine!

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The House & Homestead | Anna Sakawsky

Growing your own garlic at home is easier than you think!

I planted my first crop of garlic around 5 or 6 years ago in a small raised bed when we were still living in a rental property. As a new gardener at the time, I was BEYOND excited when it came time to harvest and I was pulling my very own homegrown organic garlic out of the ground!

Over the years I’ve learned the ins and outs of growing huge crops of big, beautiful garlic bulbs. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for me to pull garlic bulbs the size of my fist out of the ground when it’s time to harvest!

Last year my husband and I grew around 220 heads of garlic in just 2 raised beds; Enough to last us the entire year AND to replant for next year, which means we’ve oficially become 100% self-sustaining when it comes to garlic. We never have to buy it from the store again! And that’s a very good thing considering how much garlic we use for both food and medicine at home.

No matter where you live, how much space you have or what type of garden beds you’re working with, you can grow your own garlic at home too! Let me show you how:)

Learn how to grow your own garlic at home and you too could be harvesting a wheelbarrow full of garlic bulbs the size of your fist next year!

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The House & Homestead | Anna Sakawsky

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I live with my family (human, furry and feathered) on ¼-acre property on Vancouver Island. Here we produce and preserve hundreds of pounds of our own food each year and strive to live a more self-reliant lifestyle through all that we do.

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