My Favourite Things – 2022 Edition (aka. The Modern Homesteader’s Christmas Wish List)

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From kitchen gadgets to books to home and body products and more, find the perfect gift for the homesteader in your life with the modern homesteader's Christmas wish list! (aka. My favourite things;)Every year around this time, I compile a list of my favourite things: Things that I love, use or covet for my own homestead, and things that I know other modern homesteaders will love too! 

As each new holiday season approaches, I update the list to include new gadgets, products, books, and items that have made their way onto my favourite things list over the past year, and I curate the list even further. This year I’ve narrowed it down to my top 20 favourite things, brands and collections of the year!

As a general rule, I’m all about quality over quantity, and while that certainly doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive, it does mean I look at items as investments, whether they’re for our family or for someone else’s.

The list below includes a mixture of higher-ticket items like kitchen tools and preserving equipment that are true investment pieces (and absolute workhorses in a busy homestead kitchen), to lower priced items and even stocking stuffers and digital gifts (for yourself or someone you love!) that cost less than $20.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the homesteader on your list or you’re just curious to see what I use on a regular basis around our place, read on to learn more about the equipment, tools, books and products that I love and highly recommend.

These are a few of my favourite things!


Products & Brands I’m Loving Right Now…

Cultures For Health


If you or someone on your Christmas list is interested in fermenting or culturing foods of any kind, Cultures For Health has everything you need to get started making your own fermented vegetables, kombucha, sourdough, yogurt, kefir, cheese and more at home!

They sell everything from starter cultures like kombucha SCOBYs, sourdough starters, yogurt starter cultures, kefir grains and cheese starter cultures to full fermenting kits and equipment

I’m currently learning how to make my own water kefir with Cultures For Health kefir grains and have an Heirloom Yogurt Starter and Italian Cheesemaking Kit on order, which comes with everything I need to make my own mozzarella, ricotta and mascarpone cheese at home. Yum!

I reached out to Cultures For Health and they were kind enough to provide me with an exclusive coupon code to share with you!

–> Enter coupon code HH10 at checkout to save 10% off your entire order! 



I recently discovered Apothékary’s line of ready-made herbal remedies and started swooning over their clean, natural ingredients in gorgeous packaging that would make for for beautiful, thoughtful and (most importantly) useful holiday gift ideas!

While I love making my own natural medicine and stocking my own home apothecary with homemade herbal remedies, Apothékary products are a great addition or starting point for anyone who’s just dipping their toes into the world of natural medicine. 

One of their most popular products is their Restore Starter Set which includes their signature “Chill the F* Out” blend that tastes like peppermint hot chocolate and combines Reishi mushrooms and Ashwagandha for stress and immune support, and their “Do Not Disturb” blend which combines well-known medicinal herbs like holy basil, lemon balm and cinnamon with lesser known exotic herbs like mucuna and lucuma to help reduce stress and induce sleep.

The Focus Starter Set and Glow Starter Set are equally popular, or you can sample all of their signature blends in The Littles Sample Pack.

They were also kind enough to send me their Baby Bloomer Set for new moms, which makes a gorgeous gift for pregnant and nursing moms.

Or you can use their single herbs like Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Ashwaganda, Astragalus and Maca on their own or as part of your own herbal concoctions at home!

–> Use coupon code HOMESTEAD15 at checkout to take $15 off your order!


North Spore Mushrooms

Over the past few months I’ve developed a bit of an infatuation with the fascinating and diverse world of edible and medicinal mushrooms, and I’m not the only one. Medicinal mushrooms in particular are having a bit of a heyday right now as more and more research is revealing the incredible healing powers of mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps. But equally as beneficial and intriguing are edible mushrooms, both wild and cultivated.

North Spore Mushrooms specializes edible and medicinal mushrooms, both wild and cultivated, which is what led me to reach out to them for an interview for the upcoming winter issue of Modern Homesteading Magazine (out December 2022!)

Not only did I learn a ton during our interview, I also discovered a world of amazing products ranging from indoor and outdoor mushroom growing kits to medicinal mushroom capsules, tinctures and teas and more!

Being that I’m in Canada, I’m not able to order any medicinal mushroom products, but I just got my first order of indoor grow kits in the mail the other day, which includes the pink, blue and golden oyster mushroom grow kits as well as the lion’s mane mushroom grow kit. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to try growing my own mushrooms indoors this winter!

If you’re looking for something a little different for yourself or another homesteader on your list but not sure where to start, be sure to check out North Spore Mushrooms’ Holiday Shop for unique gift ideas! 

–> Use coupon code HOUSEANDHOMESTEAD at checkout to save 10% off your order!

P.S. If you’re in Canada and looking to get started with medicinal mushrooms, I purchase mine from Harmonic Arts, located near me on Vancouver Island. I especially love their mushroom elixirs and I take a little Reishi tincture in my coffee every morning to help boost immunity, relieve stress and even grow a healthy baby… Yes, you read that right: there’s a whole host of positive research on “Reishi babies,” but please speak to your doctor or midwife first if you’re pregnant and wanting to use medicinal mushrooms or herbs of any kind.


Farmhouse Teas

Farmhouse Teas

I started using Farmhouse Teas herbal tea kombucha flavouring packs a few years ago and was sold immediately. I now turn to Farmhouse Teas for everything from handcrafted organic looseleaf tea blends to herbal medicine (one of my go-to products is Farmhouse Teas’ Dump & Go Mix Trio, which includes elderberry syrup mix, dry fire cider mix and cherry bark cough syrup mix, which all make great additions to our natural medicine cabinet).

I think I’ve tried most if not all of their kombucha flavourings by now, which include flavours like apple pie, turmeric and ginger, rosemary citrus and strawberry mojito, to name just a few. For the holidays I love their seasonal tea blends like Country Christmas Breakfast, Gingerbread Spice, Sweet Maple Chai and Winter Wonder Berry, among many others! Browse their tea collection right here or shop Farmhouse Teas’ Christmas sets here.

Farmhouse Teas also offers artisan foods, natural skincare products, kombucha starter kits and even seeds and gardening supplies to grow your own herbs and herbal teas at home!

But what I love most about Farmhouse Teas is that they’re 100% organic and family-owned. The founder, CeAnne, and I have become friends and I absolutely love that every time I place an order I know that I’m supporting a family-run small business. I’ve had so much great feedback from readers over the years who have tried Farmhouse Teas due to a recommendation in one of my blog posts or emails that this is one company that makes my list of Favourite Things time and time again:)

–> Check out everything that Farmhouse Teas has to offer right here or wait until Black Friday to save big (use coupon code FARMHOUSE20 at checkout from November 24 to November 28, 2022 to save 20% off all teas, hot cocoa mixes, kombucha tea flavourings & kits, tea accessories, artisan foods and gift sets!)


Plant Therapy Essential Oils & Products

I’ve been raving about Plant Therapy for years now, ever since I stumbled upon them on my quest to find high quality affordable essential oils.

Plant Therapy oils are 100% pure and third party tested, which means they’re held to strict, high purity standards. But unlike some other popular essential oils brands, Plant Therapy sells direct to consumer (ie. it’s not an MLM company), which means they’ve been able to keep their prices extremely affordable so that you don’t have to sell their products just to be able to afford them!

I’ve amassed quite the collection of Plant Therapy products myself, including bottles of essential oils numbering in the hundreds, diffusers, naturally scented candles, body lotions, lip balms, natural cleaning products, etc. I get especially excited whenever they release a new seasonal line of products, like their 2022 holiday line.

The only thing I haven’t had a chance to try yet is their line of full-spectrum CBD products (because they can’t ship those to Canada… darn!) But if you’re in the U.S., you’re in luck:)

–> Check out Plant Therapy’s full line of essential oils and products here and be sure to check out their holiday deal of the day every day from now until December 15th, 2022.


Jase Case Emergency Antibiotics

With all of the craziness and uncertainty in the world these days, I’m turning to more practical products and gifts for my family and loved ones this year, including emergency items that will help to ensure health, safety and security if the S really does HTF.

I recently partnered with a company called Jase Medical, which provides emergency antibiotics to anyone in the U.S. or Canada without a doctor’s prescription.

Across the North America right now there is an ongoing shortage of amoxicillin, which is one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for both adults and children. There have been stories on our local new channels lately about parents who have been desperately searching for these antibiotics for their kids when they’ve needed it most, but it’s in short supply and not easy to find right now. Experts have warned this may cause a domino effect of antibiotic shortages as health care providers begin prescribing other types of antibiotics in place of amoxicillin, and now those are at risk of running out.

While I always turn to natural remedies first, antibiotics are a God-send when we need them and nothing else will do, like when my daughter got a bad double ear infection earlier this year or when I contracted a severe Campylobacter bacterial infection from handling our chickens when I was 19 weeks pregnant this summer.

Antibiotics are one of those things I’d rather have and not need than need and not have, which is exactly why I’ve placed my own order for an “Jase Case” emergency antibiotics kit and will be ordering one for my mom for Christmas as well. 

You do need to set up a consultation with one of Jase’s in-house physicians before placing your order just to go over your medical history and specific needs, including any allergies or medical conditions so that they can ensure you are prescribed antibiotics that are safe for you and your family. But they will then send you an emergency supply, which means you don’t need to be sick with something in order to get a prescription.

Each kit comes with a range of common antibiotics including amoxicillin, azithromycin, ciprofloxacin, doxycycline and metronidazole, as well as an emergency antibiotic guide written by board-certified physicians as a companion to the use of your prescribed antibiotics, and unlimited physician follow-up for any questions relating to the use of any medication prescribed.

Give the gift of safety, security and self-reliance this Christmas with a Jase Case kit or gift card

–> Use coupon code STOCKUP20 from November 23 to 28 to save $20 off a Jase Case emergency antibiotics kit.


West Coast Seeds & True Leaf Market

No homesteader’s Christmas wish list would be complete without some high quality garden seeds, and this list is no exception.

With ongoing supply chain shortages, unprecedented inflation and increasing uncertainty around our global food supply, what better gift to give yourself or your loved ones than the gift of homegrown food security?

Now is also a great time to stock up on high quality seeds, well before the spring gardening rush. I purchase almost all of my seeds, including vegetables, flowers, sprouts, microgreens and cover crop seeds from West Coast Seeds, which is a local seed supplier close to where we live here on the west coast of Canada. However they also ship across Canada and the U.S. so you can order from anywhere in North America.

If you’re in the U.S., however, True Leaf Market is a fantastic source for seeds and growing supplies of all kinds, including garden seeds (herb, vegetable, flower, etc.) as well as sprouting kits, microgreens, cover crops, wheatgrass growing kits, and even fermentation kits, juicers and emergency seed supplies, among many other specialty items, kits, and gift sets.

–> Check out the huge selection of seeds, seed starting supplies, sprouts, microgreens and more from West Coast Seeds, or check out the Holiday Gift Guide from True Leaf Market and use coupon code GROWGIFTS15 at checkout to save 15% off all gift items!


Fave Cooking & Food Preservation Tools & Equipment…

All-American Pressure Canner

Photo c/o

I waited a long time to invest in an All-American pressure canner, but last year I finally took the plunge, and all I can say is that it’s well worth the investment.

I used to only use my water bath canner for a few months out of the year when fruits and veggies were in season. I’d make my jams and jellies and pickles and pie fillings, salsas, etc. and that would be it. But now that I have a good, reliable pressure canner that’s built like a tank, I find myself canning sauces, soups, stocks and broths, meats, vegetables and full meals all year long!

With another baby on the way soon and with food prices continuing to increase, I’ve been obsessed with canning meals lately, both to preserve meats and vegetables in a shelf stable way, and also to stock the pantry for when baby comes so I have ready-made meals that I can heat and serve in no time.

The All-American pressure canner features a metal-to-metal seal (which means no gaskets to replace) and multiple safety mechanisms that ensure I never have to worry about whether our home-canned food is safe to eat.And that peace of mind is worth every penny!

These canners have been hard to find at times over the past few years, but there are a couple places (that I know of) where you can find them in stock right now, including Lehman’s in the U.S. and Good2GoCo here in Canada (which is where I bought mine from).

You may also have luck on Amazon or direct from the All-American website, but they’re often sold out on both of these websites.


Excalibur Dehydrator

While canning food is still my favourite method of long-term, shelf-stable food preservation, my dehydrator sees about as much action as my canner during the spring, summer and fall harvest season. From drying herbs to fruits and vegetables to homemade beef jerky and “cheesy” kale chips, there’s very little I can’t dry with my Excalibur dehydrator.

There are other dehydrators on the market, but much like the All-American is considered the “Cadillac” of canners, the Excalibur is considered the Cadillac of dehydrators. 

I have the 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator with a 26 hour timer, which makes it really easy to dry a bunch of food at once, set the timer and pretty much forget about it until it’s done. Unlike other dehydrators, the Excalibur also has a fan in the back (instead of at the top), so it dries food much more evenly and doesn’t require any rotating of trays.

It also reaches high enough temperatures to make it safe to preserve meats like beef jerky, while other dehydrators can finish meats but they must be brought to temperature in an oven to ensure they’re safe to eat.

Needless to say, this is another workhorse in our kitchen that has more than earned its keep over the years, and I highly recommend it for your kitchen too!

–> Check out the full lineup of Excalibur dehydrators and accessories here


Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

I have to admit, this is one piece of kitchen equipment that I don’t personally own yet, so I can’t speak from personal experience, but I’ve done quite a bit of research on the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer and it’s hot at the top of my wish list!

The difference between a freeze dryer and a regular dehydrator is that a freeze dryer will flash freeze your food first and then dry it. This makes it safe to dry things that a normal dehydrator can’t, like eggs, dairy and even whole meals! It also apparently won’t change the texture like a regular dehydrator does. Sometimes you want the texture to be different, like in the case of beef jerky or fruit leather. But when it comes to eggs, dairy, dried meat and vegetables that you plan to reconstitute, etc. it’s nice to have it rehydrate and have the same texture as it did when it was fresh.

There are a couple reasons why I haven’t taken the leap into the freeze drying world quite yet, one of them being that we don’t really have space for a freeze dryer until we renovate our laundry room/pantry area (which is also at the top of my wish list!), and two being that you can expect to invest at least two to three thousand dollars (or more) in a home freeze dryer, so they’re not cheap. But I believe they’re well worth the investment, and from what I’ve heard from other homesteaders who have invested the money, they feel the same.

So chances are slim I’ll be getting one of these for Christmas this year, but I’ve got my eyes (and heart) set on 2023! 

If you want to get your hands on one now, you can take advantage of their Black Friday special and take up to $500 off a freeze dryer of your own. Check out the sale right here AND enter to win a medium freeze dryer!


Instant Pot

Confession time: When I first got my Instant Pot for Christmas a few years ago, I wasn’t sure I’d actually use it. But when I started using it and realized how quickly I could get a delicious, from scratch, fall-off-the-bone meal on the table, I quickly became an Instant Pot convert.

While you can slow cook in the Instant Pot, it’s also a pressure cooker, which means you can cook foods that would normally take hours to slow cook in significantly less time.

I love using my Instant Pot to cook dried beans because I don’t even have to pre-soak them and they’re read in under an hour! I also make all of my bone broth in my Instant Pot (it takes me two or three hours vs. the 8 to 12 hours it usually took on the stovetop). And even the toughest cuts of meat come out of the pot moist and tender in less time than it takes to have takeout delivered.

Hands down, the Instant Pot is a worthwhile investment that has consistently my list of favourite things every year since I got mine:)

–> Get the 8 quart 7-in1 Instant Pot Duo right here.


KitchenAid Stand Mixer


While you can find a KitchenAid stand mixer taking up space on many a kitchen countertop, ours truly is a workhorse that gets used multiple times a week for everything from kneading bread dough to mixing cookie batter to whipping mashed potatoes to grinding meat to making homemade pasta and more!

It’s built like a tank and has so many different functions and uses that when it comes to from-scratch cooking, the KitchenAid Stand Mixer is the ultimate modern convenience.

There are lots of models and attachments on the market, but personally we own this model along with the pasta maker attachments, meat grinder attachment, spiralizer and ice cream maker (and I’ve currently got my eye on the grain mill for grinding fresh wheat berries for bread making:)

–> Check out the full line of KitchenAid Stand Mixers and attachments available from Amazon


Breville Anything


While we’re on the topic of kitchen equipment that’s built to last, I can’t say enough good things about Breville!

Over the years we’ve come to own many different Breville products, along with many other popular kitchen brands, and both my husband and I have come to notice a distinct difference in the quality of Breville products over other brands. Everything we’ve ever owned that’s made by Breville is a solid piece of machinery that has stood the test of time (and the wear and tear of our busy kitchen).

Some of our favourite Breville products that we use on a regular basis include our Breville Espresso Machine, Breville Coffee Grinder, Breville Immersion Blender, Breville Sous Chef Food Processor and Breville Juicer, which is a workhorse during harvest season when I use it to process hundreds of pounds of apples into fresh, homemade apple juice. It makes juicing quick and easy and makes cleanup a cinch!

At the end of the day, if you’re in the market for any kind of small kitchen appliance and you’ve got a choice between Breville and another brand, well, I think you know what my advice would be;)

–> Check out the full range of Breville appliances from Amazon


Cast Iron Cookware

I’ve been in love with my cast iron skillets since I got them. Not only do they heat up and cook more evenly than stainless steel or non-stick pans, but they’re much healthier to cook on too. You can learn about the many benefits of cooking with cast iron here.

Much like the All-American canner, cast iron is built solid and made to last. In fact, well-seasoned and cared for cast iron can be passed down for generations!

If you’re in the market for some new cast iron cookware, I recommend either the Lagostina or Lodge brand cast iron (since those are the two that I have;) If you’re in Canada, like me, you can usually find Lagostina cast iron cookware at Canadian Tire for a steal, especially around Christmas when all the kitchen stuff goes on sale. Otherwise American-made Lodge brand cast iron is my go-to. You can get this entire set, complete with a griddle, 2 skillets and a dutch oven for less than $100!

Whether for yourself or someone else, you can’t go wrong with cast iron. Pair with a set of wooden spoons and a jar of homemade lard for seasoning and you’ve got a thoughtful and valuable gift that won’t break the bank.

–> Collect the whole set!


Favourite Books & Learning Resources…

The Prairie Homestead Cookbook

This is another favourite of mine that has made this list 3 years in a row now. As far as cookbooks go, this is one I usually find myself using at least once or twice a week, and after cooking through at least half of the recipes in this book with nary a complaint, The Prairie Homestead Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Heritage Cooking In Any Kitchen by Jill Winger (of The Prairie Homestead blog) has earned its place as my overall favourite cookbook on my shelf, and on my list of favourite things!

Every single recipe I’ve made has been delicious. Not to mention, all of the recipes are made with simple, whole-food ingredients that most homesteaders, modern and old-fashioned alike, tend to have on hand (ie. eggs, milk, flour, butter, fruits and veggies, various types and cuts of meat, etc.)

This is one cookbook that belongs on every modern homesteader’s shelf, and I have a feeling it will be on mine for a long time to come:)

–> Get your copy of the Prairie Homestead Cookbook here


Pressure Canning For Beginners and Beyond


When I interviewed Angi Schneider for the Fall 2021 issue of Modern Homesteading Magazine, she had just released her brand new pressure canning cookbook, Pressure Canning For Beginners and Beyond. She was kind enough to gift me a copy, and I knew as soon as I flipped through it that it was the best pressure canning cookbook I’d ever laid eyes on (and I have a number in my collection). 

It took me almost a year to finally open up that cookbook again and start cooking and canning from it, but I’ve already worked my way through a few recipes, including Swedish Meatballs, Carnitas, Baked Beans and Chicken Enchilada Soup have a laundry list of others earmarked to make and can before the newest addition joins our family next month!

Whether you’re a beginner pressure canner just getting started with home canned vegetables, meats, soups and stocks or you’re looking to branch out and try canning some exciting new recipes like Lemongrass Chicken Soup, Spicy Pineapple Pork Chops or Red Curry Duck, this cookbook is a must have addition to any home canner’s kitchen! 

–> Grab your copy of Pressure Canning For Beginners and Beyond here


Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide


I’ve been making a concerted effort to invest in more tangible items and physical reference books whenever possible. Between the censoring and cancelling of information online and the looming threat of a potential cyber attack (or similar), I figure it’s best to be prepared with hard copies of important information on hand. 

Herbal medicine is one of those things that I definitely want to have reference material about on my bookshelf, and while I have collected a few books on this subject, my favourite one by far is Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide by famed herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. (If you’re unfamilliar with Rosemary, she’s the one who “invented” fire cider).

This is a great herbal reference guide that includes information on 33 familiar herbs and spices, including how to identify them, grow them and use them at home. The book is filled with practical information and easy-to-follow recipes and growing and foraging instructions. As the name says, it’s a fantastic book for beginners just dipping their toes into the world of herbalism and natural medicine, but it’s also a must-have reference even for more advanced herbalists and homesteaders alike.

Mush like the aforementioned cookbooks, this herbal reference book is well worth the small amount of space it will take up on your bookshelf!

–> Grab your copy of Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide here


The Family Garden Plan


Just as it’s important to have hard copy reference books on topics like cooking and natural medicine, having a reliable source of gardening information on your bookshelf is incredibly valuable. Of all the gardening books I’ve read and collected over the years, none is quite as dog-eared as my copy of The Family Garden Plan by Melissa K. Norris.

Melissa was my very first homesteading mentor. I learned how to do just everything homestead-related –from starting seeds and growing a productive garden to canning food and baking sourdough bread– from Melissa’s books, blog and online academy. Nowadays I have a pretty solid understanding of how to do all of these things, but I still find myself referring back to her books, recipes and lessons from time to time when I need a refresher.

When it comes to gardening, I love how straightforward and simple the information in this book is. Even if you’ve never sown a seed before in your life, you can follow the information in these pages and get a pretty solid grasp on how to start growing your own food at home. And even if you have years of gardening experience under your belt, you’re sure to glean new information, whether it be on topics like soil health, crop rotation or companion planting, or how to calculate your family’s food needs for a year.

If I had to pick just one gardening book to keep on hand, this would be it. 

–> Grab your copy of The Family Garden Plan here, and be sure to grab a copy of Melissa’c companion gardening journal, The Family Gardening Planner!


The House & Homestead’s Home Canning Handbook

I couldn’t forget to include my own canning eBook –complete with 30 of my favourite recipes for canning everything from fruits and vegetables to stocks and sauces to meats and meals– on my list of favourite things!

When I first started writing this eBook last year, I knew I wanted to create an easy-to-follow guide that even brand new home canners could follow, and compile recipes from easiest and least intimidating to more complex throughout the book, and that’s exactly how the book is laid out.

Learn the basics of home canning, from the history and science behind this form of food preservation to the safety rules you must follow and equipment you need to get started, to how to water bath can and pressure can your own food at home. Then get started canning your own fruits, jams, jellies, pickles, pie fillings, sauces, salsas, soups, stocks, meats and meals in a jar!

Recipes include Easy Applesauce, Apple Juice, Low-Sugar Strawberry Jam, Blueberry Pie Filling, Spicy Garlic Dilly Beans, Spiced Pears, House Salsa, Whole Tomatoes, Chili Con Carne, Spaghetti Sauce and more!

While this is an eBook and not a hard copy like the other books on this list, you get instant access to the download and can easily print it at home or have it printed and bound at your nearest Staples or print shop.

Oh, and the best part is that for a limited time, you can grab a copy of my Home Canning Handbook for 50% off, which works out to less than $10!

–> Grab your copy of my Home Canning Handbook here and be sure to use coupon code SAVE502022 to save 50% off your purchase!


Modern Homesteading Magazine

Last but most certainly not least, I’m proud to include my very own digital magazine on my list of favourite things!

When I published the very first issue of Modern Homesteading Magazine back in September 2019, I had no idea that it would grow to be what it has become today, or that I would even still be publishing regular issues 3 years later.

What began as a monthly digital download a few years ago has now grown into a robust quarterly digital publication full of seasonal homesteading tips, advice, recipes, ideas, inspiration and more. From organic gardening and backyard chickens to herbal medicine and sourdough bread, all things related to homesteading, farming, gardening and self-reliant living can be found in the pages of Modern Homesteading Magazine.

The first 24 monthly issues each focused on a specific topic such as canning, fermenting, home dairy, heritage cooking, permaculture and more. In September 2021, the magazine transitioned to a more diverse, quarterly format, with each issue focusing on a range of different seasonal topics that appeal to a much broader readership.

Every subscription to Modern Homesteading Magazine includes an annual subscription (minimum 4 new issues) and unlimited access to our entire digital library of past issues.

To ring in the holiday season, all new subscribers will also get a bonus digital gift certificate for a free one-year subscription to gift to a friend!

–> Subscribe to Modern Homesteading Magazine and claim your FREE bonus one-year subscription now!


Well, that’s a wrap for this year folks! Now I want to know, what are YOUR favourite things???

I’m always on the lookout for new tools and products to make life on the homestead just a little bit easier or more enjoyable! If you have any products or items that you love and use all the time, comment below and share!

And remember, while favourite “things” can certainly compliment our lives and make things a little easier and more enjoyable, at the end of the day, the best parts of this season are the things that are priceless. So above all else be sure to take time to slow down, spend time with the people you love most and make a conscious effort to be grateful for everything you already have. As Bing Crosby reminds us in White Christmas, “you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.”

Wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons…




  1. Debbie

    Another thank you for your suggestions. I have been using an immersion blender for a few years now as I hate pulling out my huge blender and I have “gone through” a number of cheap immersion blenders. The plastic parts always seem to break down. I took your advice and purchased a Breville. It is fantastic. I’ve had it for a couple of years now and use it on a regular basis. Definitely worth the money instead of replacing the cheap stuff over and over again and being frustrated when they break down in the middle of using them. This would be a great Christmas gift for someone you love. Breville is the best.

  2. Debbie

    OMG, Love, love, love Plant Therapy. Thank you for introducing it to me. I also have tried many brands especially the ones that are in the stores around Christmas. None of them are even close to Plant Therapy. My very favourite essential oil is Persian Lime. I use it daily. I haven’t found it anywhere else but Plant Therapy. Thanks again for bringing this into my life.

  3. Kristina

    I think you should check out Doterra essential oils. They are non-chemical based essential oils, and they have many other products on there that are natural too. I for one use the laundry detergent (its even gentle enough to use for my 8 month old clothes and bedding); I use their essential oils for a variety of different things, like on dryer balls.

    • Anna Sakawsky

      I actually did try DoTerra when I was looking for a brand of oils I liked. But they’re way too expensive and I don’t like the MLM business model. After doing a few years of research on reputable oil companies, I discovered Plant Therapy oils are just as natural and effective but at a fraction of the cost and without the predatory business model. I also use them on my wool dryer balls:)


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“Not eating mushrooms is like not eating an entire food group… And a healthy one.”

Mushrooms have had a bit of a bad rap in the west for a long time. Depending on the type of mushroom in question, they’ve either been regarded as something to turn your nose up at or even something to be afraid of.

But in recent years mushrooms have started gaining momentum as both medicine and superfoods, and with more and more people looking for natural alternatives to conventional (and often harmful) prescription drugs, psychedelic mushrooms are even being legalized and used in small (micro) doses to treat mental health issues with promising results.

The story of mushrooms and the entire fungi kingdom is as complex and captivating as the mycelium networks they fruit from, and the potential health and wellness benefits of adding more mushrooms into our diets and lives are only just beginning to be understood.

I sat down with Louis Giller of @northsporemushrooms for the winter issue of Modern Homesteading Magazine to talk all about the wonderful world of fabulous fungi, how to get started foraging or growing mushrooms at home (even if you live in an apartment!), and why mushrooms of all kinds (edible, medicinal and psychedelic) are rightfully having a moment right now.

If becoming more self-sufficient and optimizing your overall health and wellness is part of your master plan for 2023, mushrooms should definitely be a part of your approach.

Start by checking out my full interview with Louis in the winter issue of Modern Homesteading Magazine - Link in bio to sign in or subscribe.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out our feature on medicinal mushrooms, as well as our elevated mushroom recipes, all of which make perfect winter meals for your family table.

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When I first started growing my own food at home, the gardening world seemed pretty black and white to me: plants grow in the dirt, outdoors, in the spring and summer. That’s what us city kids always learned in school anyway.⁣

And obviously that’s not wrong, but once you get into gardening and growing food, a world full of endless possibilities starts to open up, including growing food indoors year-round.⁣

Sprouts are considered to be a superfood because of how nutrient dense they are and when we eat them, we get the health benefits of all of those nutrients in our own bodies.⁣

If you live in a climate that remains colder half the year or more, sprouts can be an excellent way to get the benefits of gardening even when it's not "gardening season". ⁣

I've got a full list of tips & tricks on growing sprouts indoors all year round that includes: ⁣

-How to grow sprouts⁣
-Different ways to use them ⁣
-Where to buy seeds and more! ⁣

Visit this link or check the link in my bio to see all the details.

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Living a slow, simple life isn’t easy in this fast-paced world.

No matter how much I preach it to everyone else, I still struggle with the guilt, shame and “not enough-ness” that I feel every time I choose rest, relaxation, stillness, disconnectedness or being “unproductive” when I feel I SHOULD be working, hustling, moving, checking emails and being “productive” (which is almost always).

We all know that our culture praises productivity and busy-ness, and most of us know it’s a scam that keeps us stressed, burnt out and focused on the wrong things in life. Ultimately many of us end up feeling unfulfilled even though we’re spinning our wheels every day working to keep up with the demands of the world and our never-ending to-do list. Most of us would rather be resting, relaxing, spending quality time with our loved ones and doing things that light us up rather than simply keep us busy. But it’s hard to break free from the societal pressure to do more, produce more, earn more, acquire more and ultimately BE more.

So while I still struggle with this daily, and I don’t have any easy answers for how to overcome this, I wanted to share that today I’m choosing slow; Today I’m choosing to be present in the here and now rather than worrying about yesterday or tomorrow; Today I’m choosing snuggles with my baby boy over emails and deadlines, and while I still feel that guilt rising up inside me, I’m making a conscious effort to remind myself that the world won’t end because I chose to slow down today, and at the end of my life I won’t regret taking this time with my son, but I might regret NOT slowing down to enjoy it.

I encourage you to apply the same thought process to your own life and give yourself permission to slow down and enjoy the gift of time you’ve been given today. After all, you never know when it might be your last day. And if it were your last, how would you wish you’d spent it?

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In the dark, bitter cold days of midwinter when we’ve been deprived of quality time in the sunshine and the trees are all bare, it can be easy for almost anyone to feel depressed and to overlook the tiny miracles that are happening all around us.⁣

Signs of life abound, even in the dead of winter! ⁣

Connect with nature and enjoy the little things to help beat the winter blues. Go for a walk in the woods or the park and really pay attention to the natural world around you. Watch the songbirds flitting back and forth, gathering winter berries. Look for signs of greenery and new growth; Maybe even some snowdrops or crocuses have begun to emerge from the ground where you live. ⁣

If you're feeling the effects of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) right now, please check out my full list of Natural Ways to Combat SAD and additional resources to seek out help from various care providers here or visit the link my bio. ⁣

Spring is coming!

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While most people run to the store every time they need something, you and I are not most people. Oh no friend… We are modern homesteaders.⁣

We’re a special breed, and one thing that sets us apart is that we are always thinking about preparing for the future and about stocking up when the things are abundant (and cheap!) which they aren't so much right now. ⁣

When it comes to citrus fruits, if you live in a place where you can grow them yourself, then you’ll probably have more than you can handle fresh when they’re in season. Knowing how to preserve them will help ensure nothing gets wasted.⁣

Whether you're a seasoned homesteader or this is your first season preserving, I've got a hearty list of ideas of how to get the most out of your citrus fruits for the year to come! Visit the full list here or check out the link in my bio. ⁣

What do you usually do with your extra citrus fruits? Have you tried any of these preservation methods?⁣

Let me know in the comments below!

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Checking in on all my #homesteadpantrychallenge participants today :) ⁣

During the pantry challenge I always find it pretty easy to make my way through the canned items. A side dish here, a breakfast there, but what about bulk items that we have on hand like bags of sugar and flour?⁣

Well have no fear, this bread recipe is a game-changer! Not only does it only require 3 simple ingredients (plus water), it can be whipped up in a bowl using an ordinary kitchen spoon and it comes out perfect every time. It will help you make your way through that 5lb bag of flour just sitting on the shelf, and it only takes a couple minutes to prepare. ⁣

This is a really nice bread to dip in olive oil and balsamic vinegar or as part of a spread or cheese board. For the full recipe click here or visit the link in my bio. ⁣

Let me know how it turns out and if you decide to add any herbs or other toppings to spice it up, I want to hear about it!

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I’ve tried my hand at many skills and tackled my share of adventurous projects over the years. Along my homesteading and journey I’ve tried everything from candle-making to cheesemaking, sourdough bread to fermented vegetables, canning and dehydrating to rendering lard and more. When it comes to home medicine, I’ve learned how to make may useful concoctions, from herbal teas, tinctures and syrups to poultices, salves, ciders and more. But encapsulating my own placenta after the birth of our son was definitely a first, and by far my most adventurous “kitchen project” and foray into home medicine so far.

I have to admit, I was a bit squeamish at first, but I’m fascinated by this kind of stuff and love learning skills that allow me to take my health and well-being into my own hands. I also love challenging myself to try new things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

A few of the possible benefits of consuming placenta after birth include:

• Hormones in the placenta can improve mood and lessen symptoms of postpartum depression
• Can reduce postpartum bleeding
• Provides a natural source of iron and other micronutrients
• Can help boost milk production

And did you know, around 99% of mammals are know to consume their placenta after birth? Only humans and marine mammals do not typically consume their placenta.

But more and more humans are opting to consume their placentas after birth to reap the potential health benefits. The most popular way to do so is through encapsulation.

First the placenta is steamed, then it is sliced thin and dehydrated before being ground up into a fine powder. The you add that powder into some capsules using an encapsulator and you’re done!

I’ve been taking 2 capsules 4x/day for the past week. Any real results are yet to be seen but I didn’t want to pass up the only chance I’ll probably get to try my hand at this home medicine project! I mean, you just never know when this skill might come in handy;)

So tell me, what’s the most adventurous thing YOU’VE tried in the name of homesteading and/or natural health? Comment below and let me know!

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Since the weather is often cold, dark and gloomy, there aren’t as many fun, free things to do outdoors, so it’s easy to blow your budget on other things that will help you beat cabin fever like eating out, going to the movies and even going shopping just for something to do.⁣

But the flip side to this is that, once January hits, many people are motivated by the fresh start the new year brings and are ready to hunker down for a while and get their finances on track after the holidays. So in many ways that makes winter the perfect time of year to adopt some frugal habits. ⁣

Visit this link or the link in my bio for the full list of Frugal Winter Living tips, and if you're already looking and planning towards Spring you'll also find more frugal living tips for every season linked at the bottom of the list!

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Our#homesteadpantrychallenge is in full-swing and now that our little one has arrived, simple and frugal pantry meals are a necessity to ensure we are getting adequate rest and not overdoing it during these newborn days. ⁣

When I'm staring at the pantry wondering what to make, I love referring back to this list for a little bit of inspiration for either bringing back an old recipe, or creating a new one. ⁣

𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁'𝘀 𝗜𝗻𝗰𝗹𝘂𝗱𝗲𝗱: ⁣
Homemade Breads⁣
Main Dishes⁣
Snacks & Sides⁣
Sweets & Treats⁣

So whether you’re trying to save a little extra money on your grocery bill, or prioritizing rest this season these 35 frugal recipes will help you get good, wholesome, delicious homemade food on the table every day, which means you have one less thing to stress about. ⁣

Check out the full list at or visit the link in my bio. ⁣

Eat well friends:)

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I hope you had a wonderful and restful end of holidays, and are also feeling ready to get back on track with your daily schedule here in the new year. It can sometimes feel like a lot to get going, but those "regular days" help us to regulate our rhythms, and in turn help us slowly, gear up for the Spring season ahead. ⁣

In our Winter Issue of Modern Homesteading Magazine, my friend and fellow homesteader, Ashley Constance of @alittleselfreliant wrote "Breaking Your Cabin Fever" a list of ideas for staying productive over the winter months. ⁣

If you're feeling a bit restless and up to it, this list of ideas is a perfect way to get back into a daily routine. ⁣

From making and creating, to preparing, planning and organizing you'll be feeling ready for Spring in no time. ⁣

To see the full list, subscribe to Modern Homesteading Magazine here at or visit the link in my bio.

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