Home Canning Handbook (eBook)

A comprehensive guide for the new and novice home canner.

Includes 30 easy to follow recipes.


Decades ago, knowing how to preserve your own food wasn’t just a hobby, it was a necessity to survive the winter and hard times when food wasn’t as readily available from grocery stores.

Nowadays we’re used to being able to buy apples in January, eat “fresh” strawberries during a snowstorm and generally do very little of the actual work when it comes to preparing our meals.

While this may be convenient, it’s less than sustainable and FAR from healthy.

Not to mention, we’re putting our food security in the hands of grocery stores, corporations and big agriculture instead of in our home pantries and basement larders.

With the Home Canning Handbook, you’ll learn how to preserve your own food at home so that you know EXACTLY what’s in each jar. You’ll be able to create your own grocery store stocked with healthy, homemade (and even homegrown) food so that you’ll never be fully dependent on outside sources to provide for you.

Plus, whether you want to be more prepared for busy weeknights or for the next global emergency, you’ll always have the peace of mind of knowing you’ve got a pantry full of homemade food to feed your family, and THAT is like having money in the bank.